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I’ll be sharing blog posts about my favorite tips and tricks to staying fit and healthy, all while being a wife, a busy mom of two kids, a realtor & a freelance writer! I’ll even share all sorts of different, snacks, meals, and my favorite recipes!

I started my fitness journey with macro tracking and lifting heavy back in March 2016. Ever since, I have transformed physically, but most importantly, I have transformed MENTALLY! I have found self-love with myself again, and I really appreciate what my body is capable of now. With macro tracking, I have gained a better relationship with food, and use it as a tool to fuel my body better, with NO RESTRICTING with my food choices either! Finding balance with life, fitness & food has been such an awesome experience for me, and I really want to share it with all of you!

I hope my blog can help show you how to balance fitness, food and family in your life, and maybe I can even help you find that self-love again too, like I did!



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