I am in LOVVVVVE with doing free makeovers on people! It gives ME a chance to learn more about the makeup, and it let’s them learn how to apply the makeup and see what colors I used on their faces! Seeing their face light up when you show them the “after” is priceless – it is SUCH an awesome feeling.

Here I will be sharing all of my makeovers on all my beautiful gals!


If you’re in the Phoenix area I can even do a free makeover for you. Just let me know, and I’m your girl!

And if you are interested, but not in the area,  I can help you get color match you for FREE! All I need from you is a picture of you makeup-free, in natural lighting! Easy as that!



Mom Side By Side
Cindi – June, Amber, Olive, Desert Sunset, Honey
Missy - Side By Side Branded
Lina – Amber, Olive, Sandstone, Honey
Susan Side by Side Branded
Susan – Amber, White Peach, Olive, Desert Sunset, Honey
Before and After Side By Side - Branded
Myself – Sunlit, White Peach, Moonlit, Desert Sunset/Black Cherry, Honey
Side by Side 2
Emmy – Amber, Black Cherry, Olive, Honey
Side By Side
Carianne – Amber, Aura, Olive, Desert Sunset




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