Do you know how beautiful you are? Seriously, you are gorgeous!

Have you ever heard of Maskcara Beauty IIID Makeup? It is the first time a makeup has woken my face up completely, and highlighted what I already had going on,  without the cake-y makeup look. You know what I’m talking about. It is so easy and SIMPLE to use.


Check out my before and after after using IIID Foundation! This stuff has the best coverage! It is yellow-toned to hide any redness, acne, dark circles – ANYTHING. The awesome part about having yellow-toned makeup is that almost all lights are yellow toned too, so they work so great together. If you were to use a pink-based highlighter and stand in yellow-toned lighting – you can totally see the pink hues, and tell that person is wearing makeup.

Before and After Side By Side - Branded.jpg

When you open up your package, you’ll be given a sheet that is basically a road map for your face. It shows you exactly what to put where on your face, and it’s just that easy. This card is also awesome for explaining the terminology of this makeup.

Check it out:

This makeover is my favorite to date. The coverage that this makeup shows, is so amazing. It highlights what you already have going on, and just brightens up your face completely!

Side By Side


SO If you are interested let me know below, and I can help you get color matched for FREE!

AND if you’re in the Phoenix area I can even do a free makeover for you. Just let me know, and I’m your girl!

In Natural Lighting (Facing a Window)


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