If you haven’t tried these Garden Tomato & Basil Rice Cakes by Quaker yet, you’re missing out! Seriously. Go to your local grocery store, and pick these bad boys up. Best ones I have ever had! So much flavor!

You can make this snack with any type of rice cake that you prefer, but just so you know, it’s SO good with the Garden Tomato & Basil ones.

– 2 Rice Cakes

– 40g Plain Fat Free Greek Yogurt

– 1 Serving of Shredded Chicken

– Cholula Hot Sauce

Stack it all on top of the cakes, and there you go! Easy as that.

Macro-nutrients: 18g Carbs/5g Fat/ 23g Protein  (Micro’s: 0g Fiber, 4g Sugar)
**(Macro’s will vary depending on the brands of rice cakes, yogurt, or sauce that you use)**

Hope you guys enjoy!

xoxo – Nicole

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